HideCell: QuadShield Privacy Protection

Hide your phone from trackers, hackers, and thieves with this HideCell cell phone bag, a Faraday cage environment that blocks cell, WiFi, and GPS signals. Inside, the HideCell bag features anti-static padding, helping protect your phone from damaging impacts and static shocks.

QuadShield: Blocks 65 to 70 dB of signal, stopping up to FOUR TIMES THE LEGAL MAXIMUM CELL SIGNAL. TripleShield combines copper, nickel, and conductive acrylic into a strong, lightweight ripstop fabric.

Cell towers can broadcast up to 500 watts of directional radio signal, blasting through cheaper cell phone blocking cases. Your privacy deserves our 65 dB of signal blocking strength.

Faraday Cages are NOT all the same. This is NOT a cheap black bag imported from China, which can leave you exposed instead of protected. HideCell bags are made in America and provide exceptional shielding, designed for people serious about blocking signals and RF radiation. Each HideCell Faraday cage bag blocks a different amount of signal, measured in decibels (dB). Check competitors for a decibel rating (dB). If they don't list the signal blocking in dB, they are hiding key information. Additionally, evaluate the quality of the bag and the reliability of the claims. Contact us if you have any questions.

If you are concerned about electromagnetic radiation, HideCell's 65 dB of shielding blocks your cell phone's transmission signal.


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HideCell Faraday Cage Cell Phone Signal Blocker